10K and 12K Disc Brake Axles

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Only parts in RED are available.
Item # Part No. Description
1 09045901 Torque Plate
1A   Torque Plate Mounting Bolt
1B   Torque Plate Mounting Nut
1C   Retainer Plate
1D   Retainer Plate Bolt & Lock washer
2A   Caliper Assembly LH
2B   Caliper Assembly RH (Shown)
2C   Caliper Piston
2D   Caliper Piston Seal (Sold as K080862)
2E   Piston, Rubber Boot (Sold as K080862)
2F   Bleeder Screw (Not sold alone)
3 72-SL116 Outer Brake Pad (Sold as KSL116)
4 72-SL116 Inner Brake Pad (Sold as KSL116)

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